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Suicide Wrestling Federation
Bulletin Board


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The Bulletin Board page is a place to offer news and announcements about members.

The Month in Review

When World's Collide PPV- to be announced

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Travis has made his return to the SWF stage and he has healed from his injury which took place almost two years ago. Welcome back


It's true It's true
Soon the SWF will start our ring project.We plan to starting it around the first few days of summer. Expect to see it sometime during the summer months

Classified Ads

*we are looking for some people to fill the following fulltime positions in the SWF: Ref., Camera Men, Comentators

*We are always looking for wrestlers. Male and Female.

If you are interested in any of these positions the fill out the form and send it to us at

What job you are interested in
Why you want the job
(wresters only)
Your wrestling background: